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On Wednesday, 6th of February, Pathways World School organized another one of its scholastic ventures for the students of Middle School-The ISFO Olympiad. This was the Second ISFO Level 2 Olympiad for Grades 6 through 9.

The ISFO-International society for Olympiads is an organization that administers Olympiads on a global level, having 3 main subjects: Mathematics, English and Sciences. The Olympiads are designed to challenge and empower students in generic concepts.

The students were introduced to the rules and regulations of the assessment. With all doubts solved, the question paper was handed to the students. The assessment was designed for one hour for each subject. From the day students got to know that they had qualified for Level 2, the excitement grew. The corridors were filled with students discussing their results and the challenge that lay ahead.

Olympiads help School students to test their understanding, knowledge and power of reasoning through a series of Multiple Choice Questions. Olympiads not only improves logical thinking but also teaches a student to answer within a stipulated period of time.

In conclusion, after the 2nd ISFO Olympiads the students were relieved, but more than anything they were curious to know the results. The set of the ISFO Olympiads this year is yet milestone achieved by the students.

With increasing participation each year, we can safely say that students are setting a higher benchmark for themselves.

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