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From 2nd July to 4th July, a team of 8 students from PWS participated in the Daly College Senior MUN (DCMUN), Indore. Across the country and abroad, a total of 184 students from 25 schools participated in this unique MUN called “Uchronia”.  

The theme of the MUN was ‘unique in itself’. All committees were futuristic and set in a post-apocalyptic world. This led every delegate to go beyond their research and contribute to a fruitful debate with their own twist. From Day 1, the MUN was incredibly engaging. Several moderated caucuses were raised, with each country highlighting their own problems, as well as providing relevant solutions. 

The crises ranged from disputes over territory in the South China sea, to illegal migration of ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom. With strong accusations being made and false interviews being leaked, every country took a strong stance in the matter while also adhering to their foreign policies. Besides all the interesting debates and speeches, two motions of entertainment were raised which sparked plenty of laughter in the session.

Towards the end, and to everyone’s surprise, most of the committees passed unanimous draft resolutions, leading to successful committees. Overall, DCMUN provided an opportunity for all delegates to discuss important global issues as well as human rights, which caused personal development and, in the future, will hopefully lead to development in the world. 

The keynote speaker at the opening ceremony was the Principal of the school. Mr. John Shulman, a lawyer and human rights activist from Harvard, was the keynote speaker at the closing ceremony.

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