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As the Academic year 2020-21 comes closer to completion, the PYP 5 students prepare for their entry into Middle School. To help the PYP 5 students understand the transition and changes they will experience, and what to expect once they move to the MYP curriculum, the Bridging Program was organized by MYP1 students and teachers on the 29th of April 2021.

The Bridging Program took the incoming students through the MYP curriculum. Multiple sessions led by MYP1 students and teachers focussed on subject-specific criteria and expectations. The MYP1 students also shared some of their best moments and tasks done in the classes through their first year.

Sessions specially focussed on subjects like Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Language Acquisition, and Product Design. At the end of the school day, there was a final closing session, where the MYP1 students had planned games, quizzes, dance tutorials and FAQs for the PYP5 students. Each PYP5 student also received a certificate of participation at the end of the day. 

The Bridging Program was a success owing to the fact that it strengthened the voice and choice of both PYP5 and MYP1 students. Along with this, PYP5 students were able to share their queries and enthusiasm with their seniors and teachers.

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