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A week prior to EOSAs, sessions on Mindful Hacks were organized for students of MYP 1-4. The well-being team of Pathways Gurgaon presented various tips and tricks to improve concentration and focus while studying for an examination and deal with any kind of stress. The sessions were knowledgeable, informative and fun for all students as it helped them understand how one can be best prepared for an examination and even taught them simple hacks to further improve their focus.

In the beginning of the session, an activity on “focusing on one task at hand” was conducted by Ms. Geetanjali. For this fun task, the students were asked to bring their favourite stuffed toy along with a teacup of theirs. This led to a strategy that would help students during assessments to focus on one thing at a time and write a paper more efficiently.

Next, an activity leading to the importance of being flexible was held.  This was followed by different tips and tricks to handle examination stress. Some of the tips shared by the Well-Being team were:

  • Being away from distractions to focus on your goals.
  • Ensuring Sufficient sleep so that you are well rested before an examination.
  • Taking breaks in between study schedules to process and retain the information that you learned.
  • Calming yourself with the help of breathing techniques.
  • Focusing on one task at a time to be able to complete everything in an efficient manner.
  • Simple activities to relieve stress such as jogging, Zumba, dance, listening to music, etc

Another activity around the theme “Believing in ourselves and our uniqueness” was organized where all the students were asked to close their eyes. A soothing music was played in which, the Well -Being team addressed the students on the importance of self-confidence and self-love. Everyone was asked to imagine and think back to their numerous accomplishments in different fields in the past.

The students were encouraged to enjoy the learning process, give their best and leave the rest to the universe. The activity helped in empowering the students by reflecting on their strengths and their achievements.

Overall, the mindfulness sessions were very helpful for the students. It taught them the art of enjoying the process of learning instead of paying all the attention to results. The students learnt the importance of working hard throughout the year and not just when their assessments are approaching.

The well-being team helped the students become much calmer and made them feel as though they were in complete control of their results. The sessions inculcated a positive mindset in all the students and prepared them well to take on the challenge of not only the End of Semester Examinations but even beyond.

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