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On Monday, the 7th of September, a delegation of four students from MYP5 and DP1 commenced their journey in Birla Public School’s Platinum Jubilee All India Online English Debates, supported by two teacher mentors. Mauraya Sharma (DP1), Tanisha Bhatnagar (DP1) and Thenthamizh SS (DP1) prepared strategic and cohesive debates on the topics ranging from the concept of Freedom to Dystopian Society.

Each day, as they won at each level, they received a different topic to debate upon. After a day of discussion, revision, and oration as practice, the PWS, Gurgaon debate team went up against their Opposition Team.

Tanisha Bhatnagar was named the Best Speaker of the debate for her fiery and persuasive speech on “Freedom is a Myth’’. The second round of debate was conducted on Tuesday, the 8th of September, and the team of students from PWS, Aravali rigorously prepared their arguments on the topic “Robots Can Replace Teachers at School” as the opposition to the argument. Pitted against RMS Ajmer, the students outlined their claims against the motion with conviction and worked as a team to effectively justify each point in their argument.

The team from PWS, Aravali was declared the winner of the debate, and Tanisha Bhatnagar’s conviction and presence of mind bore fruit when she was named the Best Speaker of the debate again.

The team of students from PWS, Gurgaon debated on the motion “We Live in a Dystopian Society” during their third round of debate against BIS on Wednesday, the 9th of September. Following two days of rigorous debate preparation and thrilling arguments, the third day of the All India Debate competition witnessed the four students working like a well-oiled machine. The team from PWS, Aravali outlined the nuances of the balance of good and bad in the society, strongly opposed the motion and maintained their winning streak. The team qualified to the Quarter-Finals of the competition,

The motion “Digital India is Paving the Way Towards A Divided India” was introduced to the team of students late in the evening of September 9th, and the students began gearing up for an upcoming day of debate in the Quarterfinals. Butting heads with the team from Hyderabad Public School, the four students from PWS, Aravali held their ground as the opposition on 10th September and met the opponent’s questions with strong rebuttals. The team from PWS, Aravali emerged as victors and made their way into the Semi-Final round of the competition.

On the final day of the competition, Friday the 11th of September, the students and teachers from PWS, Gurgaon worked through the day to effectively prep for debate against the Emerald Heights School on the motion “Advertisements Create More Paradoxes of Choice Than Clarity”. The students spoke with conviction and passion at their last debate and Mauraya Sharma was acknowledged for his excellent performance with the award of “Most Promising Speaker of the Competition”. All in all, it was an exhilarating experience for the team to compete against various participants from multiple Schools.

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