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"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and emotion recollected in tranquility.'' -William Wordsworth.

PWS Language and Literature Department organized a grade Six Poetry Elocution Competition- Poetry Out Loud! The students recited their authentic creations, composed wholly by themselves. The participants spent their precious time and energy, deciding a topic which appealed to them from the bottom of their hearts and rehearsed them everlastingly.

The event saw the students reciting their poems with a lot of poise and grace. While some students moved the audience to tears with their poems, the others had the audience roaring with laughter and even questioning their own actions.

In 1st place, stood Reihan Suri who recited a poem from the point of view of a flower. In 2nd place was Yasha Jain who recited a poem on the futility of violence and the lives of soldiers during war. In 3rd place was Samaira Sachdev who dedicated her poem to mother Earth and spoke for its preservation.

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