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On Thursday, 14th March, 2019, Middle School participated in SciFair (Science Fair) through the annual fest – 'Anugoonj' where our young innovative minds presented their Science Projects.

Our excitement wafted through the air when the participants from Grades 6 through 9 showcased their projects to the School fraternity. Students of Grade 6 and Grade 7 shared their journey which explicated not only their projects but also their experiential learning.

The Pathway outside Academic blocks was decorated with the prototype of the projects, working models ranging from Fruit Picker machines, Criminal Alarms, Self-Generating Bike Lights to Automatic Pet Feeder which depicted innovative scientific solutions and aimed to improve quality of life.

As we presented our projects, we had a sense of self- accomplishment. This was the result of our meticulous efforts, brainstorming at each step and phase of the project in order to create a unique device using Simple Machines. Anugoonj buzzed with excitement as teachers and students were engaged in interesting interactions fueling our curiosity further about learning different scientific concepts.

We enhanced our skills of Communication, Research and Critical Thinking as well as the Learner Profile Attributes which will help us during different facets of our lives. All the projects were a reflection and reminder of how our young minds propelled in the fields of Science. Our projects on Compound Machines and interesting Gadgets proved our understanding of Science helped to solve many prominent problems of today.

Edward Teller once said, 'The Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow.' We extend our gratitude to Team Pathways for organizing such events.

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