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As rightly said by Mario Forleo, “Confidence is like show up in every single moment like you’re meant to be there”, Students of MYP 1 to 3 participated in the Oakridge JMUN 2021 from 20th to 22nd August 2021 and proved to be the young shining stars of the School.

They were given an exposure of 3 training sessions that made them clear their doubts on the forthcoming conference with the delegates from other Schools.

Over the next few days, students were divided into their respective Committees and commenced their research on their respective agendas. The speakers debated on political, social and economic issues and created draft resolutions to come up with solutions. It was a great opportunity for students to meet participants from across the country and work towards creating a better world.

From PWS, there were a total of 11 Student delegates who took part in this MUN out of which two bagged the positions- Myra Punia from MYP1 being the ‘Best Delegate’ and Haphsa Rather from MYP2 got a ‘Verbal Mention’.

We hope Students from PWS will keep making us proud like this in all future opportunities to come.

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