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Senior School ?

On Friday, 3rd of September, the long-awaited Teacher’s Day was finally here. The atmosphere in Takshila was that of high spirits as the students celebrated their gratitude for their teachers. The celebration further moved into the Panini auditorium, for Pathways’ first offline event in almost two years.

With students and teachers on the edge of their seats, the event began with a humorous video by the Clicking Club. With the theme for the day being Bollywood, the video parodied famous films to capture the essence of teachers in our day-to-day life. The students further did live imitations of teachers and danced for the teachers on Bollywood songs.

Throughout the event, the emcees transitioned between performances with certificate ceremonies, in which they presented teachers with certificates signifying the type of student they would most likely be. It brought to teachers a sense of nostalgia about their school lives, while also emphasizing their significance in our lives.

Thereafter, Mayank Gauhlaut from DP 2 left the audience rolling on the floor as he presented the notorious acts of students behind the curtain of online school. Following this, president Arushi Pant mesmerized the teachers with her rendition of “Beauty and the Beast.”

After all the performances concluded, emcee Ishani Patil called upon teacher volunteers for an interactive inter-house event to lift the competitive spirits of all. With all-time classics such as the lemon-spoon race and a blindfolded obstacle course, the teachers were sent back on a nostalgic journey to their youthful years. Students were cheering in the audience, motivating their beloved teachers to not only win them house points but also to display their gratitude throughout the event.

After hours of side-splitting laughter and enthusiastic participation, the students of DP2 and the senior school faculty stayed back for a group photo. The lively air of celebration echoed into the senior school building as students and teachers pooled around boards put up by the EdBoard and Clicking Club. Covered with memorable quotes from teachers, memes, and personalised album covers for each department, the boards further ignited the celebratory spirit.

Once inside classrooms, the classrooms, too, were filled with the same joyousness from the celebrations. Teachers spilled in and out of a photo booth set up in the Takshila atrium, taking photos with their students and their colleagues to memorialize this day.

The Senior School building buzzed with life after a year-long hiatus and facilitated never-ending conversations between the students and faculty alike, making for an extremely memorable day.

Middle School

Teachers are compasses that activate the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom’ -Ever Garrison

On Friday, 3rd September 2021, all Middle School students celebrated Teachers’ Day in Kasturi.  The celebrations initiated with a momentous show, put together by the students of Middle School.

The celebrations were filled with melodious musical performances and enthralling dances. It was an overwhelming gesture and the smiles on the faces of the students and teachers were contagious.

Primary School

Teachers’ Day in India commemorates the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was an academician of renown apart from being the second President of India. He believed that a true teacher is one who makes the pupils think.

Even though the Primary School Students were physically not present at school, it did not stop them from expressing their gratitude and love towards their teachers.

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day Celebrations, the teachers were treated to a video consisting of a spectacular array of performances which included songs, dances, messages, poems and  instrumental music. These performances were a collaborative effort of Primary School Student Council and their peers from PYP 4 and 5.

This amalgamation of performances is a testament of the bond shared between the students and teachers.  It was an opportunity for our young student leaders to display their skills of leadership and agency. The performances were eagerly watched and appreciated by the teachers with a sense of pride for their capable learners.

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