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India’s National Science Day is celebrated on the 28th of February every year. It was on this day that Dr C. V. Raman announced his discovery, the Raman Effect to the world. What led him to this discovery He was intrigued by the deep blue colour of the sea and was not willing to accept the answer that the sea reflected the colour of the sky. Being curious, observant and of a questioning nature, lead him to delve deeper into this phenomenon and eventually set him on his journey to being a great scientist.

To commemorate this event, Pathways World School participated in the National Science Day virtual event organized by The Shri Ram School, Aravali on the 26th of Feb 2021. Rian Laha ( PYP4), Shyla Khullar(PYP5) and Neel Trehan(PYP5) represented our School at the virtual collaboration.

Each representing school had to apply the scientific method to find an answer to an everyday problem or question. The current pandemic situation provoked our students to think and formulate a hypothesis to check if the foam in the soaps helps in cleaning. The Scientific Inquiry Model of Experimental Investigation was applied to check the hypothesis and validate the claim. The ability to solve problems, communication skills, sense of responsibility, teamwork skills and tenacity was visible in our students.

The presentation was well received and applauded by everyone present in the forum. The involvement and participation by our young delegates conformed that scientists are like explorers, using what they know and see to blaze a trail that eventually leads to new discoveries and innovations. 

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