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Pathways World School Gurgaon

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As Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others", the United Nations Day is an incarnation of the same.

The United Nations Day, throughout the world, commemorates the United Nations and its idea of promoting human rights, diversity and progress. Thus, to put forth our support towards the UN's endeavours, annually, the Student Body at Pathways World School, celebrate UN Day at Pathways, with the idea of bringing diverse cultures and experiences into this microcosm of society – this brings our parents, students, support Staff, Faculty and other members of our extended communities plus our partners in endeavours to break bread with us in the most traditional and ethnic way amidst some learning and lots of fun!!!

Albeit Pathways organized Rangoli-making, 'Antakshari', and other activities to take our culture towards our hearts with the assistance of the Grade 10 Student Council. A newer pursuit was also undertaken in the form of a Quiz on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Previously, on the 9th of October, 25 students from Grade 10 visited five local Schools in the proximate villages of Teekli, Aklimpur, Baas, Sakatpur and Badhshapur to request their presence for the UN Day Lunch on Tuesday, 16th of October, and to educate them about the local applications of four relevant SDGs, namely 'Clean Water and Sanitation' (SDG #6), 'Responsible Consumption and Production' (SDG #12), 'Climate Action' (SDG #13), and 'Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions' (SDG #16). In line with the UN's 'Largest Lesson' initiative, on the UN Day, the Village School students engaged in an interactive quiz on the topic of those SDGs, and with every correct answer, one would earn a ticket, which they could use to redeem gifts with.

This meant catching two fish with one worm, as the students of Pathways were elated to see the delight that was brought onto the faces of the village school students with their efforts, whilst the village school students were also apprised of the steps they could make this world a better place, also embracing the last SDG, 'Partnership for the Goals'.

With a few other activities after a Community Lunch, the idea of UN Day, for Pathways, is to bolden the idea of fairness and equality. Happiness is not to be shared only on one day, but every day, and to realize this is applaudable, as evinced by the student body of Middle School, for as formerly mentioned, the joy that Service confers to one is worth losing oneself in.

Just remember, the joy of giving cannot match the joy of receiving - so keep 'giving'

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