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Pathways World School, Gurgaon's Senior School Form Day 2018 on Saturday, 28th of July, was a true success: an event recognising our place upon the threshold of a new academic year that abounds with prospect and potential. Grade 11 students, taking the first steps of their journey into the IB Diploma Program, along with their parents, were invited to a comprehensive outline of the IB curriculum framework.

The anchors of the event, Mansha Kapur and Ishaan Gupta of Grade 12, conducted the program efficaciously, under the guidance of our Grade 11 IBDP Coordinator, Dr Namita Agrawal. The event focussed on the students, their subjects, and the core aspects of the curriculum – CAS, the Extended Essay, and Theory of Knowledge. Dr. Namita's speech formed the backbone of the event, providing a comprehensive overview of the nuanced curriculum with clarity.

She guided each component and called upon the stage students of Grade 12, the Heads of Department, and six IBDP graduates from the batch of 2018. The alumni were each welcomed back and applauded for their triumphs. During their moments on the stage, they entertained the crowd with witty anecdotes and honest confessions.

From Grade 12, Student Council Presidents Anusha Rathi and Ashutosh Walia, alongside 10 others, spoke about the confidence and learning they had garnered even having only just met the half-way mark of their own journeys.

In tandem with student reflections and presentations, the event was punctuated by several performances, emphasizing upon the crucial balance between academics and co-curricular activities. Before entering the auditorium, parents were warmly welcomed with a live art exhibition put together by the avid art students of MYP and DP. The event began with a dance performance that was truly vivifying, a traditional Odissi performance by seasoned classical artist Tanvi Jha of Grade 11.

An acoustic rendition by Mihir Ahuja on the guitar, and vocals by both Mihir and Manu Attri of Grade 12 transformed the song, "Tera Yaar Hoon Main", into an inspirational insight into the spirit of true friendship, a guiding light along the rigorous journey ahead. Nehreen Fatima of Grade 11 sang 'On My Own'. Her mellifluous voice sang a story of finding one's own way to happiness. Accompanying her on the keyboard was Mr. Ashuman Gangopadhya – Music Teacher IB MYP. The IB Dance students of Grade 12 concluded the event with a beautifully choreographed piece, expressing their own personal journeys.

In the midst of it all, the Senior School Principal, Mrs. Manjula Shenoi, addressed the gathering with an invigorating and motivational speech. The heart-warming story of a little boy Teddy, outlined the powerful role of a teacher. The School Executive Director - Dr Sarvesh Naidu, further enlightened us with his ever-inspiring words – leaving something for all to ponder upon. It was a delightful surprise when he invited our alumna Kashvi Swarup onto the stage for an impromptu song, and we all revelled in the music.

In the end, the interactive Question and Answer Session for the parents and students filled in any remaining blanks in our illustration of Senior School and IBDP life.

And thus, not only did the program prove to be the ideal opportunity for the students and parents to learn about the IBDP curriculum, but it was a true mirror of the years to come. An amalgamation of art, learning, wisdom, and emotion, Form Day 2018 truly set the tone for all-round excellence ahead.

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