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The highly anticipated Interhouse dance competition "Abhivyakti" saw students from Earth, Water, Fire, and Air houses gather in Samagam, charged with excitement. Each house showcased their talent and creativity on the dance floor with meticulously choreographed routines. 

Earth house displayed grounded and powerful moves, Water house flowed gracefully, Fire house set the stage ablaze with fiery energy, and Air house left everyone breathless with flawless, gravity-defying performance. 

The judges were impressed with all the houses, but Air House emerged as the unanimous winner of "Abhivyakti". The ecstatic members of Air House celebrated with cheers and hugs as they proudly lifted the winner's trophy, a testament to their dedication and teamwork. 

"Abhivyakti" was more than just a showcase of talent, it was a celebration of unity and collaboration among the students, fostering camaraderie and reflecting their passion for dance and the values of dedication and teamwork. 

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