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  • Mufti Day Pathways World School, Gurgaon
    April 21

Mufti Day, like always, is a highly anticipated event in our school's calendar. Mufti Day was eagerly anticipated by students and staff, as they looked forward to the opportunity to express themselves creatively through their outfits. It's a day where both students and teachers let loose and enjoy themselves.

It was a day when the usual school uniform was replaced with casual or colourful attire, allowing students and staff to showcase their personal style and creativity. The school was filled with energy and excitement as students embraced the opportunity to express themselves freely through their chosen outfits. From quirky to traditional, the diverse range of outfits reflected unique personalities.

The day promoted inclusivity and acceptance, fostering a sense of belonging and celebration among the school community. It was not just a day of fashion, but also a day of service towards mankind and fundraising efforts. Each child made a contribution towards service activities as well as towards raising money for the Round Square Discovery Fund as part of the school's service project initiatives.

It was a day that combined fun, laughter, self-expression, and service, creating cherished memories for everyone involved. ?Senior school's recent mufti day did not disappoint on that front! The theme of this event was white on denim, which saw everyone come to school in their favourite outfits that fit the theme – allowing the DP community to celebrate and rejoice!

The day began with a wonderful photoshoot, as students and faculty members flocked to the photo booth to capture their memories of the day and show off their outfits. As the day progressed, there was a growing sense of excitement in the air; with DP students taking charge of a flashmob which erupted across the Takshila atrium, and saw the teachers join the dance floor to celebrate alike.     

After dominating the dance floor, the senior school students proceeded to Kasturi to cherish a delicious lunch, our favorite, Domino’s pizza. Mufti day is never completed without being served delicious pizza, garlic bread and chocolate cake. The lunch celebrations were the perfect way to fill everyone up after the intense dancing!     

Overall, this year’s Mufti day was one to remember. The special outfits donned by the students and faculty members will be remembered and reminisced over for a long time, and the celebration was a perfect way for the DP community to wind down before the start of the EOYA’s. 

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