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This year, the pandemic cast a dark shadow on the world of cinema, with theatres being shut indefinitely. However, the crisis gave time to people to reflect and engage in producing art that could be channelised through a digital medium for the world to see. Resultantly, Changes, a unique project, turned into a short film that saw the participation of many people who were entering a film set for the first time, but had the passion and zeal to create a powerful piece of art.

Changes was a concept that germinated from the reality of times around us. Primarily, it was only something that would be shot on the phone in a closed apartment in Mumbai, but circumstances allowed us to experiment and use DSLR cameras to shoot the film.

Even then, the film had a very limited number of people, with a relatively inexperienced cast and crew. With a shoestring budget, the team aimed to create something visually powerful and allow people to connect with something that affected the entire world.

Creatively, the film explores the life of Abhinav Khosla and how he faces extreme loneliness in the face of a lockdown. It shows how Abhinav embarks on a journey to understand his state, attempting to use his friends and family. The film hopes to resonate with a young audience and allow them to reflect on their feelings, much like Abhinav does.

The Team:

  • Khushi Aggarwal DP 1 - Assistant Director & Continuity assistant 
  • Mrigank Kapur MYP 5 - Voice Actor; Graphic Designer for BrownSharkEntertainments; Head of Cinematography; Video & Sound Editor for the film Changes  
  • Aadhaar Aggarwal Batch of 2021 - Assistant Cinematographer; Assistant Graphic Designer 
  • Anvi Pasricha Batch of 2020 - Actor 
  • Chandan Samal Batch of 2020 - Actor and Producer
  • Aryan Srivastava Former Student – Co-Head Cinematographer
  • Tamanna Jaiswal DP 1 (PSN) - Assistant Director; Head of Pre-Production 
  •  Iha Jha DP 1 (PSN) - Head of Camera Log

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