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As Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said, “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”, by the same token, on the occasion of Haryana Day on the first of November, the aggregate of the community at Pathways World School, accounted for by the faculty, students, and support staff alike, reified an analogous ethos of allegiance to the state of Haryana.

As a matter of fact, Haryana Day is annually celebrated on the first of November, immortalizing the hours, in 1966, during which the state was carved out from Punjab, and the frolics of the day, predominantly, encompass team games as well as laudation for the heritage of the state.

Correspondingly, in the bid to commemorate the event at Pathways, amongst other pursuits over the course of the day, an inter-house match of ‘Tug of War’ was orchestrated for the students and teachers, posterior to a General Knowledge Quiz; these were the two activities that seized the gusto of most.

Nonetheless, the mirthful day commenced with, as previously asseverated, a General Knowledge Quiz on Haryana. Emulating the format of the lionized game show, ‘KBC’, with Multiple-Choice Questions, the students were primarily acquainted with myriads of facts in affiliation with the quintessence of the day, ergo, the quiz put their powers of retention, coupled with prior knowledge, through its paces. The array of questions extended from the leading lights of the state to Haryana’s days of yore, subsuming a multitude of spheres of knowledge.

In point of fact, it is opined that in the modus operandi of the observance of Haryana Day, the quiz was the archetypal way to ring the curtain up, for the reason that it begot a sense of contention among the students, which was de rigueur for the further proceedings of the day.

Subsequent to this, later in the day, an inter-house ‘Tug of War’ match was organized for the student body. Fifteen male members from each house, along with fifteen female members from each house, partook in the activity. With many claiming positions in the vanguard of the event, nominating the fifteen participants or betokening their brawn in the game, the alacritous engagement of all the students in the activity was, indeed, worthy of note.

To boot, the air of adulation on the main field acted as an accessory to the competitive atmosphere, whilst the contentious undercurrent of the congregation was further added piquancy to with the students robing themselves in t-shirts that were pertinent to their house.

Consequently, the venue of the ‘Tug of War’ match, was a sight which warmed the cockles of the heart, as the flamboyancy of the hues and the flamboyancy of the attitudes diffused together marvellously.

Consecutively, whilst Air held the position of the victor, speaking of the gratifying sights to behold at Pathways during the celebrations of Haryana Day, tangible endeavours in a homogenous nature were made across the campus.

For the illustration, opposite the library, an exhibition, pivoting on Haryana’s culture, was contrived and put for display; a charpoy to limn the sixty-five percent of Haryana’s rural population, a poster depicting the ‘Haryana Roadways’ so as to pay homage to the cardinal segment it occupies in the state, and a bedecked map of Haryana with images of the pièces de résistance of a district distinguishing it, were amongst the items exposed to view.

Furthermore, as the time of the mid-day meal ensued, the festivities did not meet a cul-de-sac there either. At the entrance of the dining hall, the revered support staff stood accoutred in the traditional clothing of Haryana, ushering the students and faculty, in the ceremonial style of the state. The zeal of the support staff during this affair was assuaging!

Additionally, in the classrooms, the spirit of Haryana Day was kept alive, too, namely, in the P.U.L.S.E. lesson of Grade 9, the students celebrated over the manner in which they could piece together the solutions to the bones of contention in the state, which now, may appear to be run-of-the-mill due to its prevalence.

Conclusively, it can be said that the tenor of exaltation and pride that pertained to the Haryana Day celebrations at Pathways contrived a memorable experience for all.

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