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Football is the most beautiful sport in the world is often what is said, and this is something that was evident in the three encompassing days of inter-house.

The four houses- Air, Water, Fire and Earth were split into three groups- A, B and C this division of groups included the cream of the crop of the Pathways Senior School footballers who played for the 'A' team, with 'B' teams hosting somewhat the second division to fulfil the mass participation that they boys presented and C paid heed to the girls teams.

On the 12th of September, one could sense the excitement in the air as one of the most favourites and passionate inter-house tournaments had commenced at Pathways. As captains were putting together strategies, organisers were making sure the event would run in a proper fashion one could perceive from the outside that senior school was in for a treat.

On 17th September, The final matches took place and the supporters stood in the bleachers and encouraged their teammates. Even students that specialized in other sports came together as a single house to work their way to the top.

Students with a flourishing passion for football were given the opportunity to compete at a small scale and students that had never participated got to explore this new sport. The vibrant enthusiasm and cheering for the teams echoed around the field. Teamwork is all about collaborative efforts and this skill came handy when each team member passed the ball around or scored a goal.

Team members understood the important lesson of participation taught by their coaches at the end of their match and learned that the point of this event was much greater than just winning or losing.

Pathways has had a tradition that the best of the footballers that have ever graced the school have usually come from Fire and this year it was no different as Fire were stacked with good players in almost every position however they were up against a tough opponent in Earth who were captained by the best footballer at Pathways, Kota who was also senior school football captain but did pretty much see him in a similar shape to Ronaldo with Portugal as the rest of the Earth house team didn't live up to Kota's potential.

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