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In the twilight of our Thai companions' stay, they embarked on an early morning expedition up the majestic Aravali hills last Saturday. Following their invigorating hike, they indulged in the simple pleasure of Maggi noodles for breakfast at Kasturi, setting the tone for a day brimming with camaraderie and adventure.

As dusk descended, the joviality continued as the gentlemen orchestrated a lively DJ soirée within the confines of their abode, surrendering to the rhythm of the night with uninhibited dance.

With the dawn of a new day, the collective spirit soared as all convened to craft delectable Bhelpuri, partaking in jovial games amidst the comfort of their dwellings. The afternoon ushered in a moment of cultural enrichment as Ms. Sarod, their gracious guide, led them to the nearby Hanuman temple. Eager minds absorbed the nuances of religion and heritage, receiving blessings from the venerable pandit with reverent curiosity.

The week's tapestry was woven with diverse threads of experience, including a delightful excursion to the bustling mall, where gastronomic delights and retail therapy intertwined seamlessly.

Yet, all chapters must inevitably draw to a close. On the auspicious day of May 8th, a sumptuous luncheon awaited our departing friends, replete with stalls adorned with Gol Gappas and Indian Chaat, a veritable feast to savor amidst the bittersweet air of parting. Certificates and garlands bestowed, the farewell crescendoed with a ceremonial cake cutting, symbolizing not just the end of a sojourn, but the commencement of cherished memories.

As we bid adieu, our hearts brim with well wishes for their onward journey, for though they arrived as strangers, they depart as cherished kin, their presence having woven an indelible thread into the fabric of our lives.

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