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A group of 29 DP1 students embarked on the Prague Spring 2024 CAS trip, situated in the heart of Europe. The trip's itinerary was meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive overview of the three CAS strands, blending challenging activities with enjoyable evenings. Participants were divided into three groups, comprising students from India, Mexico, and Japan, promoting cultural exchange and interaction among Pathwaysians and their international peers.

The activities were diverse and engaging, ranging from Urban Farming at a local Prague farm to a meaningful tour of the city's Homeless lanes coupled with meal preparation for them. Other highlights included a hip-hop workshop, a captivating street art session exploring the city's cultural facets, and more. These experiences not only broadened every student's horizons but also encouraged them to unleash their creative potential while fostering collaboration across diverse cultural backgrounds.

In addition to meeting their CAS requirements, students explored iconic city landmarks such as the Bone Chapel in Kutna Hora and the Prague Castle. Evenings were filled with leisure activities like bowling, laser tag, yoga sessions, and a lively disco night, providing students with a well-deserved break and relaxation after engaging in a day full of enriching experiences.

Overall, the Prague Spring 2024 CAS trip left an enduring impression on all participants, offering them a wealth of cherished memories and invaluable experiences that will resonate throughout their lives.

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