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Udeesha Artistic Odyssey 2023


Udeesha is a dynamic and immersive celebration of artthattakes participants on a captivating journey through diverse artistic landscapes. This festival aims to explore the theme of an ‘Artistic Odyssey,‘ where young artists and attendees alike embark on a voyage of self-discovery, creative exploration, and cultural exchange. The event will showcase a rich tapestry of artistic expressions, spanning various genres, mediums, and cultures.

Day one kicked off with an artistic explosion! The registration team set the stage for an incredible event, ensuring a seamless experience. Participants dived into a whirlwind of workshops, from scriptwriting to Kalaripayattu and everything in between. The Inauguration Ceremony was a cultural explosion, featuring mesmerizing mime, soul-stirring music, and a historical journey. The day soared to new heights with a sizzling rock show by "Jack of Spade’z." The Just a Minute competition was fierce, tackling topics from the meaning of life to the future of AI. And under the starry night, students lit up the stage with passionate, diverse poetry. Day one was an unforgettable burst of talent and creativity!

Day 2: Where strength and artistry take center stage! Workshop participants dive into the captivating stories of iconic female heroes, channeling their resilience and triumph through dance, drama, visual art, and music. The day unfolds with grace and grit as Odissi dance meets empowerment, guided by Ms. Sadhna Linka, and the enchanting world of jazz and ballet under the expert tutelage of Mr. Pankaj Guglani. Drama comes to life as students journey into expression and exploration, mastering the art of high-energy walks, voice modulation, and script readings. Join the celebration of empowerment and artistry! 


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