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The purpose of a Student Council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership and ownership.

In a continued effort to provide such opportunities, PYP Student Council Elections 2023-24 were held on Monday, May 1st, 2023.

The election process was an embodiment of Voice, Choice and Empowerment. Prior to the elections the aspiring PYP4 Students nominated themselves and were interviewed by an Electoral Panel. The contesting candidates presented their candidacy to the Students from PYP2-PYP5 before the voting.

The voters expressed their choice through ballot voting. The elected students will form the Student Council Body for the session 2023-24:

•       Head Girl- Zoe Dhanuka

•       Head Boy- Rudra Dinkar

•       Deputy Head Girl- Saanvi Sharma

•       Deputy Head Boy- Vivaan Mishra

•       Air House Captain- Tanishka Haldar

•       Air House Vice-Captain- Surbhi Singh

•       Earth House Captain- Vihaan Gupta

•       Earth House Vice-Captain- Ishanvi Ashok Narayanaswamy

•       Fire House Captain- Ivank Taneja

•       Fire House Vice-Captain- Samaira Bhatty

•       Water House Captain- Aarohi Mangla

•       Water House Vice-Captain- Yana Vohra

•       Boarding Captain - Rabzes Jigmed Wangmo

•       Boarding Vice-captain - Aradhya Agarwal

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