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On the 7th of September 2018, Senior School hosted its annual Awards Ceremony to honour and commemorate the versatile achievements of Pathwaysians – spanning spheres of scholastic and co-scholastic prowess.

The event commenced with emcees Mansha Kapur, Sidhant Kapila, Suhani Thandi, and Rusheen Bansal, introducing the Guest of Honour, Mr. Pratham Mittal. Mr. Mittal co-founded Outgrow, one of the world's largest polling technology companies, serving several news agencies. A young innovator, his presence was a true inspiration for many. Ms. Pratiti Jain, member of the Pathways Schools Management Team and alumnus of Pathways World School, graced the occasion with her motivating presence.

The sentiments of pride, triumph, and optimism that hung in the air were harnessed by a harmonious ensemble – the Senior School Band performing the popular song, "I Lived", by OneRepublic, with Shaina Suri, Tejas Tanay Sharma, and Natasha Katoch on vocals, Manas Raj Kumar on the drums, Mihir Ahuja on the Guitar, and Mansha Kapur on the keyboard.

This was followed the time-honoured lighting of the lamp, complemented by a melodious rendition of an invocation song that was performed by Mihir Ahuja and Delisha Mehta of Grade 12: the Saraswati Vandana.

Upon this moment, our Senior School Principal, Ms. Manjula Shenoi, was invited to the podium to address the gathering. She enlightened us with her inspiring and invigorating speech, which was felicitously followed by the first award of the event: The Chairman's Award, presented to Ashutosh Walia, Anusha Rathi, Rishit Jain and Mansha Kapur.

This prestigious accolade was followed by the Director's Awards for Grade 12 and the IBDP Top Achievers Award for the four alumni who achieved commendable aggregates of 42 overall IB points in their final IB examinations: Etaash Katiyaar, Virat Singh, Aadish Goel, and Kashvi Sarup.

The awards for Grade 11 commenced with the Chairman's Award. Urjashi Laha was the deserving recipient, having achieved the highest MYP aggregate of 55 out of a possible 56 points. This was followed by the Director's and Principal's Awards, as well as the plethora of Outstanding Performance in Academics and Outstanding Effort awards – presented to Grade 11 students for their diligent efforts in the previous years. This hence wrapped up the first section of Grade 11 awards.

Following this, were awards for achievements in the field of creativity awarded to several select Grade 12 students who displayed ingenuity, prowess, and passion in their respective fields. Students were awarded for excellence in a range of activities – inclusive of art, school publications, music, photography, and CAS.

Aside from the students, Ms. Shenoi also honoured the faculty who have been at Pathways for more than five years amidst a hearty round of applause, and an exciting surprise visit by the Pathways Panther. Our very own school mascot, this unexpected cameo erupted laugher and thrill, a momentary break from the solemnity of the occasion.

The Guest of Honour, Mr Pratham Mittal, was subsequently invited to address the gathering. His key message was that awards should not define the individual, and that one should continue to persevere in every sphere of life. Excellence, he conveyed, is the true fruit of diligence. Our School Executive Director, Dr Sarvesh Naidu, then shared his ever-inspiring words, emphasizing the significance of the Awards Ceremony as a motivational, and inspirational milestone.

The awards ceremony was further interspersed with outstanding song and dance performances. These included an electrifying dance by Grades 10, 11 and 12, performed with infectious fervour to the impassioned and renowned song, Chak De. Urjashi Laha of Grade 11 performed an enrapturing traditional Bharatanatyam sequence which rendered the audience awestruck by her meticulous angles and grace. Finally, the program concluded with Muskaan Aggarwal of Grade 11 performing her apt and soulful cover of "The Climb" by singer Miley Cyrus, capturing the sentiments of the ceremony.

Next, our emcees yielded the podium to Anushka Barthwal of Grade 11, who guided the exalted proceedings of the Senior School Student Council Investiture Ceremony. Council Members marched with poise and chins held high, with coordination and focus that mirrored the conviction with which they swore the oath to perform their duties with a tireless sense of responsibility and model behaviour. Anusha Rathi and Ashutosh Walia,

Our elected Student Council Presidents, took to the podium, invigorating the crowd of students, teachers, and parents alike with rousing, encouraging words that painted the academic year with a crucial sense of optimism. Esteemed guest Dr Kiran Dattar, Director, Educational Advisor & Member of The Board of Governors of Pathways Schools, concluded this phase of the ceremony with her sagacious words.

The final performance of the event was a dance entitled 'Overcoming Manipulation', choreographed ingeniously and artfully by Mr. Norbu Tshering. The IB and CAS dancers of Grades 11 and 12 composed a profound tale on the stage, captivating and mesmerising the audience with fluid and flowing movements.

On this awe-inspiring note, Senior School Awards and Investiture Ceremony came to a close, having once again highlighted the numerous achievements of our talented and all-round students. Students left the ceremony motivated to give their best going forward, as parents and faculty departed with a cultivated sense of pride in their wards.

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