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The Student Council Elections at Primary School were held on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, marking a lively display of democracy. Excited students embraced the opportunity to elect their future leaders and exercised their right to vote, understanding the impact of their choices on school leadership.

Candidates presented their visions and promises, competing for peer support through impassioned speeches. Regardless of the results, participation in the elections fostered a greater understanding of democracy's principles and the importance of each student's role in shaping the school community. 

Head girl: Ishanavi Srivastava
Deputy Head girl: Aanya Udawela   

Head boy- Chaitanya Girdhar
Deputy Head boy- Hitarth Beniwal   

Air House

Captain- Siya Shanker
Vice-Captain- Ananya Chowdhury

Earth House 

Captain- Raechel Mariam
Vice-Captain- Yatharth Goyal  

Fire House  

Captain- Prisha Rajput
Vice-Captain- Anika Bhatia 

Water House

Captain- Vedanshi Ahuja
Vice-Captain- Jiya Sharma 

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