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Embarking on our journey to Ranthambore, our students have kept the excitement and boundless energy. We made a delightful pit stop for breakfast at McDonald's and were greeted with mouthwatering meals at Umaid Palace for lunch. 

As we progress on our way to the destination, the students' spirits remain high, and their enthusiasm is palpable. Fun activities and lively music on the buses keep the excitement level soaring. 



Upon our arrival at the campsite, our students quickly changed into their casual attire. They eagerly participated in the activities organized by Rocksport. Additionally, the students were introduced to the history of Ranthambore and it's immediate vicinity by a naturalist immersing themselves in the local culture. 

As the day winds down, the students will soon head for dinner and retire to bed early. This rest will ensure they are re-energized and ready for the exciting events planned for the next day. 



On Day 2 of the camp, students had an early start as they prepared for the Ranthambore National Park Safari, an exciting adventure that awaited them. 

As the day progressed, the students were divided into two groups for different organized activities. Group 1 had the unique opportunity to visit a local community school, engaging in a meaningful learning exchange where they shared their experiences and knowledge. 

Meanwhile, in Group 2, students participated in a Tent Building and Knot-Making Session. During this session, they learned various knots, including the Fisherman's Knot, Thumb Knot, Reef Knot, and Colvehitch Knot. 

After these engaging activities, students enjoyed a hearty lunch to refuel themselves for an active contribution to the other exciting events planned throughout the day. 



As Day 2 progressed further, the activities were interchanged to ensure every child is meaningfully engaged in learning some essential life skills and infuse the sense of community service into them. 

After a much-needed refreshment break, students collaborated in their respective groups to creatively present their understanding. Each group was allotted time to share their learning with the others. The evening witnessed teamwork, creativity and a lot of fun. 

They also enjoyed a musical evening presented by local Rajasthani artists. 

This was followed by a sumptuous dinner which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The evening concluded as students retired into their respective cottages to freshen up and go to sleep, enthusiastically hoping to welcome tomorrow with the same passion and energy. 



The fun continued with various engagements and activities planned for our enthusiastic campers. 

The day began with some milk and cookies and stretching exercises in the morning .This was followed by energizers like ‘Boom Chik Boom’ and ‘Rocksport Zakuza’ where our  students engaged into team building activities and creating innovative hook steps for the day. 

Students enjoyed yummylicious breakfast  followed by thrilling bottle hunt in ‘Amazing Race’. 

Students went to the Dastkar ,a private NGO working to support village based artisans and craftsmen. They interacted with craftsmen and created some amazing handcrafted artworks using traditional block printing methods. 

They returned to their residences , had energy drinks and collaborated in their groups for ‘Mission Impossible’, hangman activities and used their thinking strategies to make their team win . 

This was followed by scrumptious lunch at the campsite , followed by journal reflection  and some rest time. 



Following the fun and exhilarating team building activities, the students of both the groups, Group 1 - Green Greenades and Group 2 - Red Indians went for the site Visit to the Ranthambore Fort.While they explored the heritage site, they engaged into playing tag hunt and solved various clues that lead to the destination. 

Post the exploration, students arrived back at the resort and enjoyed their refreshments . 

Eventually, they all gathered around the bonfire and enjoyed dancing to their favourite music followed by student reflections, prize distribution and some lip 

Smacking local cuisine. Finally, they all rested on their cottages engaging into a little chit chat and planning for their departure from the site scheduled tomorrow. 


Today as the last day for our Annual Adventure Camp 2023. Students were excited with the mixed feeling. Some of the students wanted to continue the camp and some wanted to go back. But finally, everything has to come to an end. So was our camp. 

The last four days were full of excitement. Every day new activities for the students kept their excitement and spirit high. Everyone has had a great time. 

The Annual Adventure Camp and Safari was an exhilarating and educational experience that left a lasting impression on students. The safari provides a unique opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitat 

The adventure activity such as Hangman was designed to challenge students physically and mentally. 

The camp places a strong emphasis on environmental and social education also. Students participated in an interactive session with the local students where they learnt about the local culture and socio-economic condition of the villagers.

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